PogoFrog.com, a Medical Research Engine for Physicians, processes tens of thousands of healthcare search results for thousands of users each month. The service will always be free, but maintenance and development costs are continuing to rise.

Below are ways you can support PogoFrog.com without incurring personal cost.

Tell The World About PogoFrog.com

If you are happy with the results you get from PogoFrog.com, tell your colleagues and tell the world by mentioning PogoFrog.com in blogs, forums and comments. Whenever possible, add a link to www.PogoFrog.com.

Ask your hospital or company to put a link to PogoFrog on their site so everyone can easily access PogoFrog for research.

More mentions on the web results in higher ranking in the major search engines and eventually results in more users. Please let us know if you mention PogoFrog to colleagues or on the web.

Support The Advertisers on PogoFrog.com

The ads you see on PogoFrog.com are placed by Google. Each time you click on an ad, PogoFrog earns a small amount. These ads are PogoFrog's only source of revenue.

So, please click on ads you find interesting. Each time you use PogoFrog or get results, read the ads and click when interested.

We have some control over what types of ads appear on PogoFrog and we try to attract healthcare oriented ads. If you see ads that you find offensive, let us know. We can ban advertisers that draw complaints.
Suggest Improvements to PogoFrog.com

We wnat to constantly improve PogoFrog. Improvements help to attract new users and to keep loyal users. Please tell us about anything you feel will make PogoFrog better.
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